Study in Yellow and Violet, 2019

Collaboration between María Korol and Elena Rykova with text excerpts written by Bella Braxton. Presentation with flutist and viola player from Ensemble Mosaik at Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin, Germany.

Stills of animation made with drawing using ink, gouache, soft and oil pastels on Stonehenge paper.

Night Hunter, 2017

Collaboration between María Korol and Elena Rykova.

Experimental clay instruments presented with electronics coming through transducers. Electronic composition was made using sounds recorded from the objects. Materials include: clay, rubber bands, skewers, metal bells. Presented at Box Gallery in Knox College, Illinois, USA.

Under Construction, 2016-2017

Collaboration between María Korol and Elena Rykova.

Installation of three dimensional drawings capable of producing different musical sounds. Accompanied by an animation, with sound score made using the same instruments in the installation. Materials include: paper, tape, paint, metal rods, fishing line. Presented at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, Germany.